Miami Moms – Some Links to Beauty Tips

Hiya!  Geneva here, just trying to get some work done as it started to rain again in Miami.  The summer can be so unpredictable here! Anyways, I stumbled into some beauty tips that I thought were worth passing along to all the Miami Mommies out there.  Sometimes it can be hard to find time to keep up with fashion, beauty, and looking your best, so I took a look at my bookmarks to see what I have stumbled into recently.  Here is a quick list for easy reference…..

*  Here is a good article on Finding the Best Eye Cream.  This is a very good article written to help people as they shop for eye creams, especially on the Internet.

*  When Should You Use Anti Wrinkle Creams?  This page spells it all out for you and answers any questions you may have about anti wrinkle creams.

*  This article, written by “Anti Aging Expert” Karla Sutton, talks about how you can avoid expensive surgeries if you just use the right anti wrinkle skin care products.

More to come…the rain has stopped, and I’m going to try to get some exercise!