Miami Heat to Face Celtics, Bess Not Giving up #15

by Miami Blog Staff

The Miami Heat will open up their playoff bracket with a match up against the Boston Celtics.  The same Boston Celtics that won the NBA title just two seasons ago.  However, this Celtic team is much different.  Their stars are aged and worn out.  They are suffering from the same signs of aging that people expected they would.  The Heat have to like this match up more than playing an upstart, youth-oriented Atlanta Hawks team.  The series opens up with the Heat seeded #5 and the Celtics #4.  It’s worth mentioning the Celtics swept the Heat last year, 3-0 in a 7 game series.

In Dolphins news, the new signing Brandon Marshall may have received the largest contract by any wide receiver on the planet, but he won’t be getting his old jersey, number 15, any time soon.  Current Dolphin Davone Bess has stated it’s “not for sale.”  This should be interesting to watch, to say the least.  A similar spat that happened only a few seasons ago had ex-Cane Clinton Portis make a deal with a teammate for his number.  When the teammate was cut, Portis didn’t feel the rest of the money was an obligation to pay.  I agree with Clinton – the number was up for grabs at that point.

In high school basketball news, Pinecrest star Guard Brandon Knight has elected to go to school at Kentucky.  On the same day, the Wildcats also secured a Junior player who has many accolades and is highly regarded as the best Junior player in the nation.  Once again, you lose some guys, and just replenish.  Amazing…