Miami Dolphins

by Terry Bender

The Miami Dolphins needed a win and a lot of other things to happen in order to have an outside shot at the playoffs…..they traveled to Tennessee Sunday to take on the Chris Johnson-led Titans.  The Titans were on a big resurgence themselves, having started 0-6 and rebounding nicely to improve to 6-7 when they entered this match-up.

Miami went up 3-0 early, and Vince Young answered back with a gorgeous touchdown pass to Justin Gauge, making it 7-3.  On the ensuing possession, Ricky Williams set an NFL record, rushing for 1,000 yards once again – his first 1,000 yard season since 2003 – making the gap in 1,000 yard seasons a whopping 6 years.  That’s a record!  Congratulations Ricky!!!!

However, while the Dolphins fell behind in the second half, due to the strong play of the resurgent Vince Young, they did manage to tie up the game on a great pass from Henne to tight end Anthony Fasano.  The ensuing point after try had Pat White running the Wildcat formation, but Ricky Williams grabbing the ball for a successful two point try!

With the score tied at 24, the Dolphins kicked off only to have a 15 yard personal foul called on Greg Camarillo.  The penalty put the Titans in position for a last second field goal try, which veteran Rob Bironas nailed to seal a victory by a 3 point margin.

The loss knocks Miami out of the wild card drivers seat, and instead pits them in a huge logjam with other teams tied at 7-7.