Miami Dolphins Offseason Needs

by Terry Bender

So, with the NFL Draft coming up, I’d like to weigh in on my thoughts on what the Miami Dolphins should do with their pick.  Recent drafts have been up-and-down for the Fins, and I think that Miami fans want that instant impact player that will contribute right away.  People seem to have mixed reviews on Pat White, the second rounder from last year, but I think in this league he was a great pick.  Jake Long was obviously a solid pick at #1 a couple years back, and Chad Henne looks to be a great pick with one year under center now.  As for Ted Ginn, well, that was a waste of a pick. I  love the guy’s energy and big play ability, but the drops just kill him.  I like the guy and am rooting for him to mature as a player, but so far, I’m thinking we should have went another route with that pick.  Then again, everyone wanted Brady Quinn, who has flopped so far in Cleveland.

So, as the draft approaches, and the Fins hold the 12th pick, it’s about time I release my thoughts on what exactly they should do with the pick.  We have a quarterback and two running backs that are ample, although Ronnie Brown may be trade bait according to a lot of people in the know.  While I think we’re fine with Ricky Williams, drafting a young runner like C.J. Spiller may be a good call.

Many people are looking at wide receiver and linebacker as well.  While there have been a lot of people stating that Anquan Boldin remains high on the Fins wish list, I just don’t see it happening.  The Cardinals played hardball last year and the result was that Boldin stayed put in Arizona.

That leads me to believe Dez Bryant, the punishing receiver known for his Brandon Marshall-esque size, who can even return kicks (what would Ted Ginn do then?) may be a good choice at number 12 if nobody has scooped him up yet.  I like the fact that he’s BIG, which the Fins need desperately.

I’m not up to speed on the linebacking options in this years draft, so I won’t comment on that in order to not embarass myself.  I do know that Joey Porter is all but gone from Miami, and that people aren’t all that thrilled with Channing Crowder as the elite linebacker on the team.  I have no issue with Crowder, and I’d actually love to see Brandon Spikes, another Florida defender, come to South Florida and join him.  Spikes is downright nasty. He can rush the passer, provide big hits, and even intercept passes, just like he did versus Georgia this year in the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party.

Whatever the Dolphins do, it’s an uphill battle in a strong AFC East.  The Jets showed everyone that Rex Ryan’s team is ready to play, and the New England Patriots are no slouches, to say the least.  Buffalo always puts up a fight, and you can count on them beefing up this off season after changing personnel.