Miami Beach – What to Do That Doesn’t Involve Partying!

Have you ever thought about just taking some time on South Beach and doing something worthwhile?  There are plenty of things to do on South Beach that DON’T involved getting all fired up on drugs or drinking massive amounts of booze!  Here is a short list of the top 10 things to do on the beach that does not involve any alcohol or drugs!

  • Walk down Ocean Drive. There are many things to see and do on good old Ocean Drive.  Sure, there are plenty of tourists you can heckle.  Plenty of women in nothing but bikinis, and plenty of shops where you can find your favorite clothing and accessories.  If you do this in the broad daylight, be sure to wear the best sunblock you have!
  • Play Golf. There are 18 championship holes on Miami Beach’s own Golf Course.  Try your luck on a weekday for less of a crowd.  A gorgeous course right in the heart of South Beach, MBGC (Miami Beach Golf Club) offers remarkable landscaping and an abundance of wildlife right off of Alton and 21st street.  Many celebrities play at MBGC, and the service is second to none.
  • Rollerblade or Bike Ride.  There are so many nooks and crannies of the beach that you will never get to see if you are constantly in a vehicle.  If you put on the blades or jump on the bike, you are sure to find some stuff that you did not know existed.  Plus, it’s a great way to lose weight.
  • Jet Ski. You can rent jet ski’s right at Miami Beach Marina.  Rates vary based on the season.  You can ride around the Biscayne Bay and enjoy the cool water on a warm sunny day!
  • Shop on Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road is home to many boutique shops.  Walking down Lincoln Road can be a fun experience.  Just bring your wallet!
  • Snorkeling. You won’t find a ton of activity on South Beach, but if you go towards the Southern tip of South Point, you may run into some fish around the very southern tip.  It’s also good exercise.
  • High School Sports. The Miami Beach high school football team plays in the stadium right off of Alton and 12th street.  You can check out their football team (which most recently ran the option!) during the fall.
  • Take the Duck Tour. The Duck Tour Boat is the best land and sea show in Miami.  Take a tour of the Magic City on the world-famous Duck Boat.  The best land and sea show in Miami lasts 90 minutes.  You haven’t experienced Miami until you have been on the Duck Boat.
  • Look at Real Estate. There are a number of nice places out there for rent or sale. If you are searching for a place to live, call up your local realtor and get out there.  You will be surprised how affordable Miami Beach is, now that the real estate market corrected itself.  There are many flippers out there willing to rent for low prices, so get out there and make some offers.
  • Eat at La Sandwicherie. The best sandwich joint on the beach, hands down.  Get a sandwich, apply special sauce, and enjoy the mouth-watering flavor only La Sandwicherie provides.

Wherever your Miami Beach journey takes you, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to your body.  The Miami Sun can be HOT, and if you don’t work now to prevent wrinkles, when will you?