March Madness is Here

by Terry Bender

Let the work stop and the sports gambling begin!  March Madness is here, and this year I’m all geared up for what should be a great NCAA Men’s basketball tournament.  The 64 team field kicked off this morning, and several games are already at halftime. Will there be a Cinderella story this year, or will the top seeds advance through and make it to the final four?

My money is on the Kansas Jayhawks this year. I like their team and feel they are the most rounded team in the tournament.  I also think that the John Wall-led Kentucky squad has a good chance, although their team is a little young.

If I had to take a so-called long-shot to win, I have to put my money on the Wisconsin Badgers.  Big Ten, baby!

So, you can expect to see me getting very drunk, betting a lot, and hanging out at sports bars. Maybe I will even make a day out of it at Doral Hooters or Buffalo Wild Wings.  Or both….hmmm..

More Miami blogging coming later, I’m off to watch the second half of the Gator game!