Malaysia Credit Card Scammer:

There is a person running around in Malaysia with a series of stolen credit cards.  If you are a merchant, watch out.  Here are the known details of the person who is running a massive international racket:

abdullah redzuan
10,jln tmn bagan 3,
tmn bagan
butterworth, penang 12400

swin chow
14,jln becham kencana desa,tmn kencana desa
ipoh, perak 41700

moi lee
16,laluan tmn jati 2,tmn meru jaya
ipoh, perak 30020

ho saw
3,laluan tmn jati 5,tmn meru jaya
ipoh, perak 30020

yee ng
16,lrg janggus jaya 1,tmn janggus jaya
penang, georgetown 13500

Those are the known shipping recipients in this scam.  What happens is this:  The scammer uses a stolen credit card and enters online to buy goods.  Knowing the details of the stolen credit card, they then proceed to go on a shopping spree. They often interact with the merchant and even change shipping addresses, ask questions, and interact as if they were normal customers.  Then, about a month later, the chargebacks start to appear.  People realize their identity was stolen, their card was used, and that the goods sent are now in the hands of crooks.  The merchant loses credibility with their processor, the crooks get free goods, and nobody wins except for the crooks. If you are selling anything online, watch out for this team of international credit card scammers.

This was sent in to us by a local business.  Thank you for keeping Miami businesses informed.