LifeCell Wrinkle Cream Review

by Geneva

Miami certainly is doing it’s part to contribute to the “skin belt” reputation gained in South Florida.  This moniker has been growing in popularity because of the number of skin care companies and cosmetic surgeons who call South Florida home.  While the “Skin belt” needs no introduction, I thought I’d give props to another local company that is doing well in the skin care business.  They go by the name of South Beach Skin Care, and their premium product is the LifeCell Anti Wrinkle Cream.

LifeCell’s wrinkle cream is said to “do it all” to the face.  A one-stop solution for wrinkles, moisturizer, and skin tone, LifeCell is packed with goodness for the skin.

Here is some sales copy from LifeCell each time and order is placed….

“In fact, it’s the exact same anti-aging treatment our clients… including A-list Hollywood actors, celebrities, supermodels and even…European Royalty… use to keep their skin looking young, beautiful, and age-free without cosmetic injections or plastic surgery!”

They go on to tell the new customer that the LifeCell Skin Cream works well as a moisturizer because it can penetrate through 20 levels of skin cells.  It’s also a great wrinkle solution due to having Argireline, (AH3) in it’s formula.  An advertiser of ours, another local company, (EliteSkin) uses the same wrinkle-figthing ingredient in many of it’s popular cosmeceutical products.

Whether you are looking for a wrinkle cream, or an end all solution for your facial skin, you should check out LifeCell.