LeBron James to the Heat?

by Terry Bender

Dwayne Wade and LeBron James have been buddy-buddy recently, and in an excerpt taken from the Miami Herald, D-Wade stated that him playing alongside the “King” is NOT something that would be impossible.  Of course, the move would most likely mean that James would play in Miami, or, that the two of them would play in an entirely different city altogether.  Cleveland simply does not have the cap room for the two of them, but then again, some teams would move mountains to get these two young superstars playing on the same squad.

James has been a dominant force since entering the league as a teenager.  Wade had an instant impact with the Heat, but really hit his stride during the 2006 NBA Playoffs and Finals, en route to winning the MVP award while playing alongside Shaquille O’Neal.  Miami’s Magical run to the title was highlighted by Wade’s Michael Jordan-like performances against the favored Dallas Mavericks.

Could LeBron James become a member of the Miami Heat?  The odds are long, but in the Magic City of Miami, you can never say never……

Could LeBron James Join the Miami Heat?

Could LeBron James Join the Miami Heat?