Lebron James Girlfriend Against Move to Miami?

Lebron James’ decision to “take his talents to South Beach” was truly a divisive move; it seems everyone outside of the Miami Heat fanbase was against the new Evil Empire formed in the NBA, with James teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to create a new force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference.

But you’d think everyone inside of James’ inner circle would be thrilled to leave the Ohio winters behind in favor of the year-round sunny weather, picturesque beaches and nightlife of South Beach.

But according to a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Savannah Brinson, James’ longtime girlfriend and mother of his two sons (Lebron, Jr., 5, and Bryce, 3), isn’t exactly looking forward to uprooting the family and starting a new life.

“Personally, Miami was not my favorite place,” she tells the magazine. “Vacationing there is great: You go for three days and get some sun, and it’s time to go home.”

That’s not to say that she isn’t willing to make it work.  “It will definitely be an adjustment, but we’ll make it,” Brinson continues.  “We’re not complaining. Whatever LeBron felt was comfortable, I’m with him. I just love him so much. We’re soul mates.”

At a time when it seems like the criticism and venom is coming from all angles, James is thankful he still has the support from his gal.  “A person like myself always needs a great sidekick and a person you can rely on no matter the circumstances. And she’s that,” he says. “She’s got my back, and I love her for that.”

Brinson reportedly plans to split her time between the family’s Akron, OH home and Miami.  Most importantly, with kindergarten on the horizon for Lebron, Jr. this fall, Brinson did not want to pull the family from their neighborhood.  “Cleveland is home,” says Brinson, “Nothing is going to change about that.”

Personally, we think the James clan will be just fine in South Beach.  The endless attractions such as the beaches, nightlife, shopping and fashion put the social life of Akron to shame — and are enjoyed even moreso with the bank account of an NBA superstar.  With Lebron’s deep pockets, surely there will be no shortage of help around the house and finding a first-rate school for the children should prove to be no problem.  Lastly, with private jets and multiple homes already, for a global icon like James, home truly is where you make it.  Let’s hope he makes South Beach his home for years to come.