LeBron James Coming to Miami Heat

by Miami Blog Staff

Not sure if anyone read the reports online, but LeBron James had stated last night that his preferred destination for his 2010 basketball season is MIAMI.  That’s right, LeBron James wants to join the Miami Heat and play along side Dwayne Wade.  He stated “I just really want to win a championship, and playing along side Wade gives me the best option at that.  I may even bring Shaq back with me from Cleveland.  I think we can do some great things in the Magic City.”

James is a free agent this summer, and it’s no secret he is the hottest property in the NBA.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to see him around South Beach?  James would certainly be the new King of Miami.

For any of you who just got excited, calm down.  This is our horrible attempt at playing an APRIL FOOLS joke, and not one part of this story is true.  But imagine if it was?