Kitchen Remodeling 101: 5 Rules To Simplify The Whole Process

Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most stressful, emotional, and life-changing event one goes through. It is right up there with other activities like public speaking, job interviews, etc.

It’s crazy to think that kitchen remodeling would be stressful but I’ve worked with a lot of homeowners for almost a decade now and I have experienced that myself.

I have found some common things that a lot of people go through. And this article is all about how you don’t have to have a stressful time remodeling your kitchen if you just follow these 5 simple rules.

  1. Pay For a Designer to Avoid a Headache Later

A lot of the clients that we work with, are remodeling their kitchens for the first time. And so they insist on designing the kitchen on their own. They want to take the measurements on their own, assume the integrity of the structural walls, and just trying to do everything themselves except the labor part of course.

The problem is that a professional kitchen designer might have decades of experience doing this and can easily avoid some huge mistakes that a homeowner would make.

And the problem is, 90% of the homeowners in Miami end up hiring a designer mid-project because they run into some huge problems that they weren’t able to foresee. That just ups the spend that they could’ve avoided had they hired a designer before getting the project started.

The good news is that kitchen designers aren’t that expensive when you consider how much you are going to spend on the whole project. Spending an extra $1000-2000 to hire a designer is better if they could save you thousands of dollars in mistakes you would’ve made.

And more importantly, they will help you save the time you would’ve wasted trying to figure out why that cabinet won’t fit in that corner.

2. What You Should Know About Countertops

When you’re shopping for countertops, you wish you can buy and use all of them because they all look so beautiful. The thing is, a lot of the countertops that you absolutely adore are usually prefab countertops.

And this rule is about whether you should buy a prefab countertop or a full slab for which you will end up paying for its fabrication.

Here’s the thing – it doesn’t matter what countertop you are buying.

Whether it’s prefab or custom countertop, the materials with which it is made are the same. The things that increase the price of a custom countertop are:

– Cost

– The time it takes for installation

– The method they use for fabrication

Prefab countertops are fabricated by the thousands. This means that they already have the machinery to cut the countertop based on your required dimension and have the edges fabricated. And you can have your countertop available for installation within 1-3 days.

Compare that with custom countertops, they usually take 7-10 days because the guy will have to do the whole process on-site which means on your property.

Not only that, with prefab you will probably end up saving at least $800-1000 that you can invest in some other aspect of the remodeling.

3. Make Sure You Order Everything In Advance

This is a big one because most homeowners think that they don’t have to order the materials until their contractor needs it. This is inefficient because you have to factor in the time it will take for you to find a reliable vendor, quality test, place the order, and then the time they take to process it and then deliver it to you.

If you just go with the project manager that we assign for you, you are not only protected when it comes to payments (we’ll cover this in a minute), you also have an expert on your side who already has vendors that they trust and can use immediately. That means no hunting for vendors and checking for quality.

Think about it. You are probably going to remodel your kitchen maybe 2-3 times in your entire life.

Our project manager manages 15-20 projects per month. He just has more experience on the job and just like you wouldn’t expect us to be an expert about what you do in a day, don’t you think it’s best to let someone who does this for a living handle everything for you?

It makes logical sense.

Now speaking of protecting yourself financially, here’s what you should know:

– If you are paying via credit/debit card, your bank provides you with an added protection measure that ensures that you will be able to do a chargeback just in case things go south.

– And if you write a check and our project manager bails on you (this has never happened, he has been working with us for over a decade), you can place a stop check order and the check will not be processed.

We don’t see any downside to this.

4. Plan A Never Works

This one applies to life in general. Your plan A will rarely ever work.

Expect to have unexpected things pop up in the middle of the project because that is more common than you think. We have done hundreds of kitchen remodeling projects till now and each one of them had something or other pop up that we didn’t expect.

Usually, these are things that are out of the homeowner’s control, and sometimes, it is out of our hands as well.

So there’s no point getting stressed about things not going exactly as you planned because they were never going to in the first place.

Maybe your costs go up because of mold or electricals or out of date plumbing that needs to be fixed before we can move forward with the project. Maybe the materials that our project manager ordered for you are being delayed.

There are a lot of things that do not go according to plan.

The thing you should be focusing on is trying to get the type of kitchen you want in the general timeframe you and your contractor decided.

5. Cleanup After the Project Is Complete

If there’s one thing you can count on, is there will be dust all over the place.

Sure, your contractor will create a trap door to make sure there’s less dust traveling from your kitchen to other rooms in your house and mask everything in the kitchen itself. Dust will still travel through.

Most homeowners forget that they need to do this. And so you should ask your project manager or contractor to hire a professional cleaning crew and get a deep clean done for your entire house.

It will take a few hours for them to do this but it will be well worth the time because now you won’t have to hang around in a dirty house where dust keeps coming out. You don’t want that.

You should talk about this with your contractor before you even start the remodeling project. That way, this is not a surprise to them either.