Kip Diggins…thats right Diggins!

Look, we all have the types of people that we like to hook up with.  Some of us prefer blondes, others dark and mysterious types, but at the end of the day the one thing that is most important to us is looks.  I know, I know, beauty is only skin deep or whatever it is that fat, unattractive people claim in a veiled effort to make themselves feel better.  But I am not walking over to a woman in a bar just because she looks especially nice.  Like it or not we approach those who we find attractive.  We may find that the person is funny, or sweet, or whatever, but all of that is a bonus.

I hear alot these days about wrinkle creams and how terrible it is that people are growing addicted to the use of them.  (Yes, Geneva you have sold me) But the reality is that having good looking skin is a big deal.  None of us are getting any younger and our lifestyles are often times a bit harsher than previous generations, especially here in Miami.  All of this results in that ridden hard, put away wet look that we are all trying to avoid.  It may be shallow, it may be cruel to think about things in this light, but you have to admit, its honest.

Now our friend TBends has recently proven this point to me, although like most things he actually accomplishes in life, he had no intention of doing so.  But Terry is what most people would call an ugly man.  For those of you who know him, look at him…..reaaaallllyy look at him, what youll find is a scrawny, broke dick who drives his old man’s car.  Yet Tbends figures that every single hot woman in the place is his playground.  The fact that he is constantly rejected only restores my faith in women, or at least attractive ones.  But by Terry being Terry, I realized that many of us do not take the time to examine ourselves honestly.  Maybe we need a new look, or our skin has grown a bit aged over the past few years of late nights.  And what are we actually doing about it.  Are we actively seeking treatment, or like Terry are we just convinced that every person that we find attractive automatically finds us attractive?  It begs an interesting point, and im curious to see what you singles out there think about it.

Should we all be trying to look our best or is it acceptable to hide behind the fat chicks mantra that beauty is only skin deep?