Jump Start your New Year’s Resolution with the Insanity Workout

We all say it. Come Jan 1 I am going to get into shape, lose weight and feel great! Did you know the busiest day of the year for a gym is the day after New Year’s? So many people pack in and start up a new gym routine only to stop a few weeks in.  There are a handful of reasons why which range from the cost of a gym membership to not having a plan of action when you get there.  There is also travel time to get to and from the gym which can easily eat up 30-40 minutes of your day. The insanity workout usually lasts from 40-50 minutes depending on which workouts you are doing.

More and more home workout DVD’s are on the rise. One of the most popular that is getting stellar results is the Insanity Workout. The insanity workout by Shaun T is a 60 day workout which has you covered from top to bottom.  There is no need to be afraid of not knowing what to do because they lay it all out for you. The first 30 days are intense, but you learn the moves and get stronger. The last 30 days you move onto the Max workouts and that is where the pounds really start to melt off.

The biggest thing is to get through the first 2 weeks. If you can do that then you can get through the rest and believe me you will feel the best you have felt in a long time. Lean, strong, and full of energy is exactly what the insanity workout will do for you.

If you have been putting off getting in shape for Jan 1 then what better way to start then in your own home with the insanity workout.  No drive to the gym, no gym membership fees, and you will have an actually plan laid out before you.