Jones Soda

Deliciously Customizable

Deliciously Customizable

If you like soda of different flavors, than Jones Soda is something you MUST try.  Jones Soda is a catchy, up-and-coming beverage company that puts the “P” in “Personality.”  The company offers many mouth-watering flavors of sodas, so there is certainly a flavor or two that will catch your attention.  There are even calorie-free diet versions for those of you who are watching your figures.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Jones Soda is the fact that you can order your own cases, complete with your own labels, right on their Official website.  That’s right, you can put a zany, serious, or even downright funny photo right on the front of your favorite beverage.  I recently made some labels with a photo of my son and I, and they turned out phenomenal.  Jones Soda is certainly an innovative company, and I’ve heard of people ordering custom soda’s for weddings, birthdays, and anniversary parties.  It’s a great memento to give someone you love.

And don’t forget, not only are the labels neat-looking, but what’s inside is simply delicious.

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