Jimbos in Virginia Key

by Geneva

Jimbos, as it’s simply known by locals, is a piece of land in a lagoon on Virginia Key.  The famous backdrop to many movies, commercials, photo shoots, and television series was told to move their junk.

If you haven’t been to Jimbos, that may not make any sense to you.  If you are in the know of this famous watering hole, you certainly have images of the broken down buses, boats, and shanties that makes up Jimbos.  Jimbo, a long time shrimper, has had free reign of the land that takes up his bait shack/hippee party spot since he was kicked out of the land that is now occupied by the Miami Herald.  For decades, party people, tourists, and locals have gathered at Jimbos, which has seafood/fish cookouts and cheap beer.  There is no law in Jimbos, and pretty much anything goes.

Last time I was there, I was amazed at the amounts of “trendy people” that mixed in with the mullets that are usually saved for Nascar events.  This is truly a place you have to see to believe, and it’s something that makes South Florida unique.

Having survived all of the hurricanes and torrential weather that often knocks down much larger structures, this trailer-park -esque destination is certainly a landmark.  For more information, check out their official website at www.JimbosPlace.com