Jersey Shore in South Beach?

by Miami Blog Staff

Jersey Shore, the popular television show based on the lives of various wannabe’s in New Jersey, is looking to spend it’s spring season in Miami’s South Beach.  However, many of the South Beach elite clubs aren’t enthusiastic for their potential arrival.

South Beach’s Mynt Lounge rejected an inquiry from a Jersey Shore location scout,citing the show’s treatment of women and Italian Americans, owner Romain Zago said.

“Miami Beach takes pride in the years it took to establish an upscale tourist attraction, and bringing this show to town would lessen that image,” Zago wrote in a statement Wednesday. “Any club or establishment that participates can and should be held liable for such mischievous behavior.”

The statement added: “Shame on whoever agreesto such [a] display in our city.”

Wow.  Heavy statement from a heavy club owner.  Kudos for rejecting to cave into the program’s objectives and keeping Miami’s A-List persona happy.  I don’t blame Zago for making such a statement, and the staff at Miami blog feels this is the right move by one of South Beach’s hottest clubs.

Who needs attention-seeking guido’s running around, causing trouble, and lipping off?  Seriously, there are enough attention seekers in the area, let alone wannabe’s, we don’t need any more!

Some Italian-American groups are not happy with the show’s focusing on the casts references to “guidos” and “guidettes.”

Whether they choose Miami or not remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain, the show certainly has a following.