Is it September 15th Already?

by Geneva

I want to lead off this post with something I have to get off my chest.

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze.  Patrick was a very talented actor who had many great roles throughout his career.  He worked so much in the past that most people forget about most of his smaller roles that were cultish hits.  I once dated a hockey player who constantly watched a hockey movie called Youngblood, where Swayze played Derek Sutton, an all-star in the minor leagues of Canadian Hockey.  He teamed with Rob Lowe, aka Dean Youngblood, to play on the eventual championship team.  I will never forget the scene of him walking around, no shirt on, in the locker room in his breezers.  Most people may not know that movie, but it’s my fondest memory of Patrick.  Patrick, R.I.P.  You will be missed.

Is it September 15th already? Wow, where has time gone?  Here we are, going towards quarter four of 2009.  Terry is already making terrible sports picks, the Hurricanes have already knocked off Florida State, and the snowbirds are just about ready to come down to South Florida and influx the area’s need for sunblock.

Where has 2009 gone?  Well, it’s refreshing that the economy is seeing better days, because only one year ago Lehman Brothers and WAMU collapsed and provided a reminder that no economy is 100% safe, not even in the good ole USA.

Sooner than later, our resident reporter on Real estate in Miami, Bernie Stackhouse, will be providing commentary about the market conditions in the lovely Miami area.  Stay tuned, and enjoy the rest of 2009.  Wow, has it gone fast.  Almost Usain Bolt fast.