Instant Face Lift by Wrinkle System Review

by Geneva

Instant Face Lift by Wrinkle System

Instant Face Lift by Wrinkle System

Well, now that all of the Super Bowl hoopla is done and over with, I can get back to writing about topics that actually affect my every day well being.  Today I’ll take a look at another product made by the Miami-manufactured Wrinkle System brand.  This one is called the “Instant Face Lift,” and while the name seems like it promises miracles, a customer service rep at the company was quick to point out there is nothing therapeutic about this product.  However, for that one night out on the town where you want to hide wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, or just shore up some expression lines, this is a great product that lasts about 6-8 hours.  Here is my full review based on my application of the Instant Face Lift product.

I must first comment on the solid customer service that I normally receive as I go about my day and contact skin care companies to ask questions about their products.  These days, companies more than ever are educating their staff on the little details about all of their products.  When I called up and announced that I was a beauty product reviewer, they treated me like a queen.  I asked several questions about many of the various products offered by Wrinkle System, as I’ve been a fan of the brand made in South Florida’s skin belt for quite some time.  Not only is it an affordable brand that pretty much anyone can afford to replenish each month, but the packaging quality is really unique, which is why so many spa’s are lining up to sell their products and keep their regular customers happy.  When I had specific ingredient questions, Bill Taylor, who handled my inquiry, had all of the right answers at arm’s length.  Regular answers like “it works,” just don’t cut it anymore.  You have to know exactly what you are buying when you buy skin care products of any brand, as there are many uses for various skin creams and of course choosing the right one is best way to get results.

So, the Instant Face Lift is a unique product.  It’s not for me, as I am a bit younger and don’t feel the need to tighten my skin in a non-therapeutic manner.  However, I did apply it and this is what I experienced….

It feels tight instantly, I can really feel my skin tightening up and I can see the very few lines on my face getting closer together and somewhat disappearing before my eyes.  While I felt this was a little bit uneasy on my skin, my Mother-In-Law had no issues whatsoever with this feeling.  (She was very impressed with the ability of the pink cream to hide eye wrinkles.)  I saw a noticeable difference around her eyes for the most part, and she was very happy with how the cream settled in after just a few minutes and allowed her to look noticeably better for about 6-7 hours.

Again, there is nothing long-term (therapeutic) about this product, but if you find yourself with a few lines around your eyes that you want to hide for a little bit, go ahead and give this anti-wrinkle product a shot.  It’s quite affordable and you don’t need it daily, unless you really want to, so it’s a good product to keep around should ever want a quick wrinkle fix.

In the ever-expanding world of skin care products, this is just one of the latest items that people seem to be using to look younger.