Ignore These 5 SEO Myths

Most myths out there are harmless. Like people can have 2 hearts or if you eat shark meat you won’t get cancer. But when it comes to SEO myths, that’s not the case.

At best, you’ll be misled by these myths. At worst, you’ll end up spending time, money and resources that will lead you away from the results you are actually looking for.

In this article I want to bust the top 5 SEO myths out there so you can focus on what really works and get the results you’ve been looking for.

  1. You Can Stop Working Once You Rank
  2. Or SEO is only a one-time thing. This is such a huge myth and people have lost their rankings because they believed this.

    Think of SEO like going to the gym. You have to constantly stimulate your muscles with enough resistance so that they can grow or maintain their strength and size.

    Sure, you can miss a couple of workouts here and there. But if you skip the gym for months and start binge eating and watch Netflix all day, soon you’ll find yourself out of shape and starting from scratch.

    Same thing can happen with SEO. Once you stop neglecting it, your competitors will start taking over or you will start losing backlinks because you haven’t updated your website with up to date info.

    This is the reason why you’ll see SEO agencies charging a monthly fee rather than an hourly or a one-time fee. This thing takes constant work to make sure you are on top and stay there for years to come.

  3. SEO Is Dead
  4. Oh this is a big one!

    Short answer? No. It’s nonsense.

    How do we know SEO is not dead? Well, there are still people searching for things on Google aren’t they? Then SEO will exist as long as search engines exist.

    What most people point to when they say this are the constant algorithm updates and how smart Google’s algorithm has gotten over the years.

    And we agree that it is one of the smartest algorithms out there. That’s the reason why Google is the main search engine the world uses. Heck, Google has now become a verb, can you believe that?

    So, as long as search engines continue to show organic results, SEO will exist.

    Will it get harder to do SEO as time goes on?

    Yes it will. But then it will be even more worthwhile to do it because less people will be able to do it. And the ones who are able to rank their websites on the first page will be the best people/companies out there. Like NabilAnsariSEO, at a time when people are saying that SEO is harder than ever, they were able to rank their website in the top 5 spots for “Barcelona SEO” in just under a month. This kind of speed is unheard of and they did it.

  5. You Will Get Penalized If You Use Duplicate Content
  6. Even though Google has said numerous times that duplicate content does not trigger a penalty, people still push this myth around as if it will bring an Armageddon if they use the same content more than once on their website.

    Sure, it is a good idea to have unique content on every page of your website. But lets say that you are a plumber that serves several counties in your city. And you have a page for each county because you want to rank for them.

    How are you going to publish 100% unique info on every page? You are offering the same service in each county. Heck you are the same person who serves each of those counties.

    The best you can do is swap out the names of the counties to make it relevant for the people reading your page.

    That’s what Google considers when looking at a website that has duplicate content.

    So, if you are a local business, then duplicate content shouldn’t worry you. But if you are trying to do SEO for an affiliate website or any other business that is location independent, then it is always a better idea to have unique info on each page.

    This is more because it will help with conversions and not with SEO. You will still be able to rank your website no problem.

  7. Get Better Backlinks If You’re Not Good At Keyword Research

A lot of people say that it’s all about backlinks. The better backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank. And that is true, but they try to replace proper keyword research with building better backlinks.

They say that keyword research isn’t important. Or worse, they think that keyword research is of no use or it is dead.

That’s the worst way to go about SEO because keyword research is step 1 to getting any SEO campaign started. If you choose the right keywords to go after, you can optimize your domain name around that and you will also be able to get the right kind of backlinks.

Not just that, you will also have an idea of what your competition is doing so you can get their backlinks and also get backlinks that are better than them.

If you believe this myth, you will essentially handicap yourself for no reason because if you skip keyword research you will put yourself at a huge disadvantage. Not only will you end up spending more money on backlinks, it will take you longer to rank for things you actually want to rank for.

At the end of the day, we are doing this to get more traffic to our websites, so why not do the proper keyword research beforehand so you give yourself the best chance of success?


We have only scratched the surface with these myths. There are a lot more myths that are floating around in SEO forums and Quora. Just search for “SEO myths” on Quora and you’ll see how many of them are there and just read the answers as well.

It’s all misleading and people believe these myths and say that SEO never works. While there are thousands of people and companies out there that are getting exactly the type of results that these myths say aren’t possible.

Avoid indulging in these myths and try to get more data for yourself. Apply what you learn and see what results you can get and adjust your plan based on that. Most people just talk theory about SEO and never get anywhere. Don’t be one of them.