Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica

by Terry Bender

So I’m wrapping up my vacation in Costa Rica and I have to report on one place that just really is a true gong show. The Hotel Del Rey is a place where mostly male travelers can find female companionship at any hour of the day. Women from all over Latin America fight for business in this bar of mostly expatriates. It’s in the center of San Jose, a smoggy, dingy city with a high crime rate and many brothels. Last night at the Hotel I witnessed a few things.

  • Serious negotiations between male travelers and female entrepreneurs.
  • Many jagr bombs!
  • A customer actually threw a bottle of water on the bartender, was asked to leave by security, then was allowed to stay after “settling” for 10,000 colones.  (About $18).
  • Lots of silicon!
  • Lots of dudes with gray hair who were in serious need of a wrinkle cream.

I’m going to miss Costa Rica, it’s a zany place with some superb women.  I will most certainly come back and visit.