Hot South Beach Women

by Terry Bender

If you have been to South Beach, you know how amazingly gorgeous the women are.  It’s not even funny how hot some of the Latinas, Europeans, and local gals really are.  Why does Miami have so many gorgeous women?  I can only hope to try to answer that question.

I used to think that the women who were nationalizing here in the US that came from South American countries such as Colombia were the “cream of the crop” of their country.  Then, I took a trip to Medellin and found out I was dead wrong.  Medellin has to be the gorgeous woman capital of the world, in my humble opinion.  The sense of style and fashion they possess is second to none.  I can also say from time spent in Costa Rica and Panama that women over there are quite gorgeous as well.

I think Miami does well in the beauty niche, as evidenced by Geneva’s column and the popular moniker given to South Florida, the “Skin belt.”  Good skin can make a gorgeous woman even sexier, of course, and with the number of skin care companies that are located in the Miami area, coupled with all of the dynamite surgeons around, the women here have all the tools to look their best.

If you ever want to see hot women on South Beach, just visit places like the Clevelander on a hot sunny day.  Many women will be bikini-clad, drinking Mojitos or Mimosas, taking in the Hot Miami Sun.