Heat Forward Dorrell Wright Arrested on South Beach

by Terry Bender

I wish I could report some better news about the Heat, but every time I turn around it’s just drama.  Last week I reported that Rafer Alston had left the team in a very bizarre, disgruntled fashion.  Well, today I have more to report.  Forward Dorrell Wright was arrested on South Beach and charged with a DUI and driving with a suspended license.

Several news sources reported that Wright’s 2005 Bentley was stopped on 8th Street and Alton Road (hey that’s in front of Dr. Kalil’s Vitality Institute, one of Geneva’s favorite places).  He was apparently driving 52 in a 25 mph zone.

I drink at Dewey’s on occasion, and I know that area well.  52 is going too fast.  It will get you in trouble every time you are seen doing that.  Especially if the hours are lets say “after  hours.”  I mean, that is a place where people constantly cross the street to visit the plaza that houses Yoko’s Sushi and other stores.  You have to be careful anywhere on South Beach, but especially in that area, which is only one block from the highly populated residential area of West Avenue, backing up to the Biscayne Bay.  Thousands of people that reside in the many high rises constantly travel on foot to nearby Alton Road.

He must have been out celebrating, because the Heat beat the Clippers quite easily on Wednesday night.  The wee hours of Thursday morning found Wright with red, wattery eyes, as well as slurred speech.  (According to reports I read online.)

I’m not sure what parties or clubs go off on Wednesday nights on the Beach these days, but there is no lack of entertainment one can stumble into on South Beach.  It’s unknown if Wright was with others at the time of the stop, but I’ll try to find out and report back.  In the meantime, if anyone saw the 24 year old Wright out partying, drop us a comment and let us know where, what he was drinking, and if he was with anyone noteworthy.  We aren’t trying to out the guy, just cover the story to it’s full extent.

We hope the Heat continue their winning ways and make it deep into the playoffs.  For that to happen, they need a full team, including Wright.  It’s tough enough to win with a full, healthy, trouble-free squad, and if the Heat want to make it deep into the playoffs this year and try to make a run at a title, they will most certainly need everyone on their best behavior.

In other news….. Camilo Villegas shot even par on the first day of the tournament at Doral.

The Miami Hurricanes will play favored Virginia Tech in the ACC tournament.

The Miami Heat face the Chicago Bulls in a battle for playoff position. Miami is a game over .500 at 33-32 while the Bulls sit at 31-33. Both are on the fringe of making it to the post season and they both could use this win desperately.  Go Heat!