Green Smoke, Miami E Cigarette Company

Green Smoke has become a tradition among smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes. The 2-piece design embraced by Green Smoke is capable of providing a satisfying, flavorful and clean smoking experience to its customers every time. There is a combined atomizer and cartridge within each of the Green Smoke e-cigarette which means that every time the cartridge is replaced, the atomizer gets renewed. You can remain assured that there is no accumulation of residue inside the e-cigarette and the flavor will always remain fresh as the cartridge is replaced.

The 2-piece design from Green Smoke is its leading advantage and the heart of this advantage lies in the way it is operated. When you want to replace the cartridge all you need to do is unscrew it and insert the new cartridge. It doesn’t take more than a minute to get this done, and there is no mess or dirt to deal with.

Green Smoke offers a range of flavors to satisfy its users, and there are 4 different levels of nicotine strengths that range from 0 to 16 mg. presently, the brand offers around 11 flavors that savor the taste of its smokers. This includes exotic flavors like Mocha Twist and Strawberry Freeze among others. The amount of flavor that you want to taste is also up to you.

Additionally, Green Smoke e-cigarettes can be also be used in areas where there smoking is not allowed. The secret lies in the fact that when you inhale this e-cig you are inhaling vapors containing nicotine. There is no flame, no smoke, no unpleasant odor, but only nicotine, flavor and lots of enjoyment.

When you are using Green Smoke, you would be enjoying all the action involved in your regular smoking. The e-cigarette resembles a tobacco-based cigarette, gives you lots of vapor volume, but leaves no odor on your body, and there is no ash. When you switch to Green Smoke, you wouldn’t want to switch back to regular cigarette to use any other e-cigarette in the market.

You have a range of 4 different Green Smoke Starter Kits to choose from, with each of them designed to suit the kind of smoker that you are. When it is time to replace the cartridge, the e-cigarette starts giving signals in the form of weak flavor. And, when the battery needs recharging, the e-cigarette will have a light starting to blink.

If you are a beginner, then it would be ideal for you to choose the Green Smoke Social Smoker kit that comes with just enough number of components and accessories that let you fulfill your smoking requirements. When it comes to the life of the cartridges, Green Smoke is offering one of the longest-lasting cartridges in the market. The different levels of nicotine offered in the cartridges are calibrated as 16mg, 8mg, 6mg, 4mg and 0mg. you can choose the amount of nicotine hit that you want to enjoy, and chances are that if you consider gradually quitting smoking, you can move down to zero over a period of time.