Green Smoke in South Beach

by Terry Bender

I’ve been doing a lot of talking about this new fad that seems to be sweeping across the 305.  Electronic cigarettes are something that sort of took an appeal to me as I’ve been a pack a day smoker since I can remember.  There are many brands of Electronic Cigs out there, but the one brand that sticks out in my opinion as the best out there is Green Smoke.  They recently did a promotional video with the “green” label in South Beach.

Green Smoke offers a great way to quit smoking traditional cigarettes through what people call “vaping.”  Basically, this terminology refers to the way the e-cigarettes vaporize through what is called an atomizer.  This channel heats the “smoke” and is emitted from the end (tip) of the e-cigarette. If that example is hard to follow, I suggest you take a look at an e-cig review blog that is promoted by a buddy of mine named Andy Gray.  He explains things pretty good and even goes as far as reviewing many of the top brands of e-cigs.

Before I paste a link including the Green Smoke in South Beach video, it’s important to know where these electronic cigarettes are coming from and why they are taking over in a cult-like sensation across the world.  For starters, most of the electronic cigarettes you can buy come from China.  Although, recently the FDA had a major crack-down on the importation of e-cigs, and they are saying that since the nicotine is brought over untested, it’s a big risk smoking these smokeless cigarettes because of the whole concept of not knowing exactly what goes into them.  Well, a lot of the Chinese makers of these e-cigs have ran their own tests, which obviously is something that the FDA does not really use a safety guideline, but it gives a lot of smokers out there some comfort that these are actually safe, in which most cases they are.  Green Smoke, with offices in North Miami Beach, is starting to make the cartridges (the replaceable tip which delivers the nicotine) in New York.  This is a move that really set them apart from the rest of the industry in e-cigs and shows that they are willing to comply with the FDA and make a truly safe alternative to smoking regular, traditional cigarettes.

While I am far from an expert in the industry, I have done a lot of fact-finding as I try to quit regular cigs.  I have found the brand called Smoking Everywhere in the Sawgrass Mall, in fact, they operate at least two kiosks to my knowledge, and they seem to bedoing pretty well.  My buddies blog has yet to post a full Smoking Everywhere Review you can read just so you can get an idea of what makes them different from say the Green Smoke line of e-cigarettes, but I can assure you he will soon.

Without further ado, here is a link to the Green Smoke in South Beach video.  While I’ve only seen a handful of weekend clubbers really repping the e-cigarette, I’m sure it is a fad that will continue, at least until there is more clarity on it’s long-term possibilities as a mainstream smoking alternative in respect to the FDA’s continued research.