Green Smoke E-Cigarettes Still Tops According to Andy Gray

by Miami Blog Staff

A locally owned company, Green Smoke, makers of Electronic Cigarettes bearing the same name, was recently re-iterated as the top choice among electronic cigarette specialist Andy Gray.  The story is published below.

A respected electronic cigarette review specialist, named Andy Gray, has been voicing his opinion on the electronic cigarette craze for several months now. After reviewing several brands of e-cigs, he still says that Green Smoke is the best on the market.

Online PR News – 26-February-2010 – “It seems each week there is a new electronic cigarette brand making it’s way into the marketplace,” says Andy Gray, an electronic cigarette review expert and constant blogger on the subject of E-Cigarettes. “There seems to be no slow down in the industry even though some companies are having a hard time importing cartridges and getting hassled by the FDA,” Gray continued.

Electronic cigarettes, or ‘e-cigs,’ have been a hot topic lately, ever since one manufacturer won a ruling versus the FDA, who was stopping imported shipments in customs. While specifics about the customs issues are not readily available, the issue is being appealed. The court ruling on the importation of cigarettes of electronic nature will certainly be a landmark for the industry of what some people call ‘e-smoking,’ or ‘vaping.’

more traffic than I ever thought I’d be able to create,

Meanwhile, Gray and his trusty review staff continue to be supportive of the electronic cigarette movement. His popular web blog gets “more traffic than I ever thought I’d be able to create,” according to Gray, and each week he continues to tweak it and add his thoughts and analysis as he tries new brands of e-cigarettes.

For his money, Gray has been highly impressed with the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes, which he has rated the top choice on his blog, although he suggests that people looking to make the jump to e-cigarettes also can try the Blu Cigs Starter Kit for a much more comfortable price point.

Green Smoke recently informed Gray that amidst all of the issues going on with the importation of e-cigarette components, they have sought out electronic cigarette manufacturing options in the United States. Certainly a well-thought out move by the leading e-cigarette company, Gray adds “The quality of Green Smoke impresses me, but the way they run their organization is even more admirable – they truly are setting themselves apart from the pack by the way they take time to think ahead.”

Gray added that Green Smoke is also customer-service oriented and takes time to educate customers on the idea of electronic cigarettes. “I hope to have more details I can share with the public about the state of Green Smoke, but for now you can refer to my blog and see an in-depth Green Smoke Review to see why most people agree they are the top electronic cigarette on the market today,” concluded Gray.

As people look for long term ways to save money and find a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette market continues to sizzle. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this truly unique niche.  For more information on products like e-cigarettes, click here.