Great Skin In Miami

Miami is known for many great things.  The international culture in the South Florida blends many different people in one place.  The luxurious Art Deco Hotels combined with the heart stopping disco clubs, and fine restaurants really make Miami a truly interesting collection of people.  As celebrities, the wealthy frequent the city of Miami, there  are truly consumed in looking beautiful and having great shapes.  Many people come to this fantastic destination to have cosmetic surgery and party with the beautiful people.  For a weekend you want to feel like a celebrity, drink champagne with stars, the models.

As you check into one of South Beach’s luxurious hotels, you are engulfed with all of the eye candy on South Beach.  A place where you can caught up enjoying the beautiful people, with flawless bodies and skin.  Everywhere you go, you see women and men with a nice golden tan.   There skin is almost like a beautiful caramel, versus the leather skin that I am used to seeing on my previous vacations.

How do they have the perfect skin and not spend a fortune on surgery?  There is so much sun here and can not understand how they look so hot.  I know the average person can not afford botox on a regular basis to keep those wrinkles and lines off your face.

Walking through South Beach I was very surprised to see so many tanning salons in a place where there is so much sun.  I entered the tanning salon to get a base tan before bathing in the sun.   This is where I finally asked the attendant about all of these people with perfect skin.   She advised that  you need to make sure you are using adequate skin protection and moisturizer to you skin especially your face.  She mentioned a very famous doctor in South Beach named Dr. Kalil, who is the founder of Vitality Institute.   His ground breaking line of  Vi Derm and Vi Peel has been a focus of many stars in the Hollywood elite and can be only purchased at approved medical clinics.

Dr. Kalil of the Vitality Institute has been in the industry has transformed the skin of so many in not only the Miami area, but worldwide.  After leaving the tanning salon with my bronze healthy looking skin, I realized that cities like Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai which have the gorgeous people of the world also have the edge of having Dr. Kalil having a clinic..  The Vitality Institute has really started  to make a difference in the anti-aging  industry with non evasive surgery.  My curiosity did get to me, and I did try to visit the Vitality Institute of Miami Beach to meet Dr. Kalil.  Unfortunately, he was in Dubai meeting patients on this day. Now the secret is out and we are on to you Dr. Kalil of South Beach.  Great skin in Miami Beach always needs a little help with some great anti-aging  wrinkle cream so you too could look like a movies star.