Gold – The New Skin Care Commodity

In Miami, we are surrounded by gold.  And Terry, I am not talking about Solid Gold or Gold Rush, your two favorite strip club haunts.  I’m talking about all the bling bling the local celebrities wear as they strut their stuff on South Beach.  I’m talking about the gold Rolexes and all of the finer pieces of jewelry we see in the uber-rich Miami area.  But, there is a new type of gold coming to Miami…….GOLD skin care products.

You may say “Huh?…..what is this all about? It must be a gimmick.”  People, it’s not a gimmick. Let me explain.  There is an ever-increasing demand for quality skin care products, and in this ever-changing market, companies are always looking for ways to make their products better than the competition. One company, Oro Gold Cosmetics, has taken this very seriously, and has inserted real 24k gold in their product formulas.  Gold is highly rich in antioxidant qualities, and it’s a serious skin care ingredient.

I recently ran into this company at the Galeria Mall, and I have to say, while I was impressed with the quality of the products, and their immaculate presentation, I was not impressed with their sales people.  They lacked tact, courtesy, and seemed to do anything to get my business.  In fact, the gold eye serum I was interested in purchasing was $174, yet when I told them it was too much they begged me and offered prices as low as $75.  I lose respect for anyone in sales who folds like a lawn chair when a customer balks at a high price.  So, I went to the web and searched for this company, and luckily I found a discount provider of these products that treated me with courtesy, respect, and best of all, they knew their product inside and out.  I can’t say this for our local store at the Galeria, and I’m not someone to dime someone out, but seriously, learn your product line!

The discount provider I found was Oro Beauty, and you can visit their website at  I found all of my favorite Oro Gold Cosmetics products that I saw at the mall there, including:

I even found some great product combinations, such as what many blogs are calling the best wrinkle treatment available, the “Deep Wrinkle Penetration Kit.”

If you read about gold, it has been used in skin care formulas dating way back in history.  I won’t bore you on the details, but I do recall getting some fabolous spa treatments at the Hard Rock Casino Spa that used gold as a primary ingredient in my facial.

Not only do these products look dynamite, but they work wonders on the skin.  My favorite product is the eye serum.  It helps me look fresh and feel my best each morning and does wonders on those dark circles under the eyes.