Ginn Explodes as Dolphins Sweep Jets

by Terry Bender

The Miami Dolphins swept the New York Jets as Ted Ginn Jr set NFL records for his kickoff returns in the third quarter Sunday in New York.  Ginn ran back not one but TWO kickoffs of over 100 yards in smashing NFL records and silencing the critics.  Miami Herald writers in particular were quite critical of Ginn’s season, which has been filled with drops and other errors, but Ginn was the hero on Sunday after not being in the starting lineup for the first time this year.

Ginn’s 100 yard and subsequent 101 yard return SILENCED the New York crowd and put the Fins back in the division race.  The Bills lost on Sunday to the Houston Texans, and the division leading Patriots were idle.

Tedd Ginn will most certainly be named AFC Player of the Week in this performance.