Get Rid of Turkey Neck

by Geneva

vcovery2-webIf you are reaching age 30 or 40, you’re probably starting to see some changes in parts of your body that you just don’t like.  I have been studying skin care, especially in the anti aging niche, for the last 6 years.  There are many ways one can improve the tone of their skin, increase elasticity, and promote collagen regrowth – but how on earth do you get rid of turkey neck?

Turkey neck is when your skin on your neck flails in the wind.  Basically, you resemble a turkey because the loose skin hanging on your neck resembles a turkey’s gobbler.

Truth be told, there are some ways you can get rid of this nasty skin deficiency…..

1. Get a neck lift by a cosmetic surgeon.  These neck lifts can cost between $5-7k per surgery, and you can expect results in about 2-3 weeks after healing.

2. Use a neck firming cream.  Neck firming creams are targeted anti aging creams that work to tighten and strengthen loose skin on the neck.  These anti aging creams work well because they are leveraging ingredients that fight deep wrinkles AND moisturize the skin.  One advertiser on Miami Blog, called EliteSkin, has a neck firming cream that is called “V-Covery.”  This is because the “v-zone,” which makes up your upper chest and neck area, is the hardest area of skin to treat on the human body.  Always exposed to the sun, but rarely with as much sunscreen as other parts of the body applied, this area suffers extreme damage starting during our youth.

Take a look at your neck area – give it a close examination.  Does it sag?  Does it have wrinkles?  Could it be more smooth and even-toned?  If so, you are probably a perfect candidate for a neck firming cream.