Finpecia Hair Loss Treatment for Men

by Terry Bender

Everyone suffers through stress down here in Miami.  Heck, I stress each and every Dolphins game that is played versus our divisional foes!  When stress affects us, it can make us lose our hair.  Hair loss is a severely touchy topic with some men as they hit age 30, but fortunately, there is a cure for hair loss.

Finpecia (Finasteride) is a medication prescribed for the treatment of male pattern hair loss on top of the head (also called vertex). It stops the process of hair loss and stimulates hair growth. The drug is manufactured under other names such as Propecia (the most well-known), Appecia, Finara, Proscar and others. A producer country is India, Cilpa Company. Finpecia hasn’t been proved to work at the temples to reduce hair loss.

I ain’t a Doctor, but without my sweet hair, I just wouldn’t be Terry Bender!