Finding Products Online Just Got Easier

I stumbled into a new website called and wanted to tell everyone about it.  If you shop online, this site can really help you gain ground and save money.

Basically, was started so people can find product reviews by “experts” that have first hand experience with them.  Why would you buy anything blind? Now, you don’t have to.

The whole premise of the website was that there are so many crap reviews online that push people into buying products they don’t need or don’t understand.  What ReviewBank offers is a personal “Guide” to each product category.  For example, they have a man named Chris walking everyone through various workout programs.  Chris has done P90x, the Insanity Workout, and more, so he’s definitely qualified to help people pick and choose a program for them since he has first hand experience.  Why would you not listen to a guy like Chris when he has been there, done that?

Right now, the site is seeking out more experts so they can expand into more categories and offer more online shopping advice.  As of now, they cover the basics like skin care, which talks about Miami’s best anti aging product, Elite Serum!

They also cover electronic cigarettes, something we see a lot around here in Miami which we discussed here recently.

Perhaps most interesting is that they even review products like “how to make money online.”  If you have a website you probably get bombarded with emails promising how you can get rich if you just “use this one little trick.”  We’re so sick and tired of it that we don’t like to advertise our email address anymore!  We did find the empower network review quite interesting, and will do our own review of the program in upcoming weeks should we think it’s something that Miami Blog readers will enjoy.  We’ve always got your back, 305!

If you find yourself shopping, take a look at reviewbank.  You can thank us later.