Eye Cream Blogs Can Decieve

by Geneva

If you are a beauty or skin care consumer, you have to look out for websites that are put out there to earn commissions instead of really doing a fair eye cream review.  As reported by Karla Sutton, a skin care product review specialist, there are many blogs out there that simply tout products in an effort to earn commissions.  Accordingly, one must take note of this and learn from it.

Affiliate marketing is a big business – some people make their living putting up websites that “review” products.  I put “review” in parenthesis because the review is obviously slanted in a way that will get people to click through the link on the site and move forward with a purchase.  In this case, the affiliate marketer, the one who put up the site with the review, would earn a commission.  Some commissions are quite high, and as said earlier, there are people out there who make decent livings by working with affiliate programs.

Eye creams, wrinkle creams, and many other niches offer this opportunity.  In reality, it’s an easy way for a manufacturer to get some free press – good press – each time they launch a new product.  Of course, with more affiliates repping a product, it makes it easier to build brand awareness and increase exposure.  Take a look at the article written by Karla Sutton on a popular skin care site:  eye cream blogs:  beware!

As the author states, many people turn to these amateur bloggers for assistance when purchasing anti aging creams.  It’s always best to look to an authority site, or a portal, that is information-driven.  This way you can always rest assured that the information conveyed is accurate and unbiased.