EliteSkin Age Defying System Review

by Geneva

Here is my weekly Beauty Blast, as I’ve been starting to call it.  I will throw out the disclaimer that this company, EliteSkin, is a Miami Blog advertiser, and these products were sent to me on the basis that I would give them a full review here on Miami Blog.  Needless to say, EliteSkin has a strong reputation in the anti aging skin care industry, and these products were simply impressive.

I’ve been reviewing skin care products since I can remember.  My girlfriends and I constantly get together and exchange ideas, tips, information, and products.  Of course, there is always some new brand doing something innovative in skin care, so it’s always a hoot trying new things and seeing how my skin reacts.

I’ve been a fan of EliteSkin since their first product the Elite Serum.  I use it daily to get rid of my eye bags and dark circles.  It’s no secret that Miami can bring upon some late nights, and for those mornings when you aren’t so fresh, there is nothing like applying a cool eye serum to freshen up the area of skin below the eyes.

EliteSkin just launched three new products, and I was very excited to try them personally.  The three new products are as follows:

  • Elite Wrinkle Eraser (an anti wrinkle cream)
  • Elite V-Covery (a decollete cream)
  • Elite Celluite Repair

The top two plus the award-winning Elite Serum are combined in a complete system of anti aging products called the Age Defying System.  The system of products, working from the neck up, sells for $129.  This is a huge savings, as the products are priced individually from $79 – $119.

I was sent one of each product, and it’s been about 3 weeks. From what I’ve seen, I am happy to report the following:

1.  I have a much more firm, tighter neck area.  The small creases where it appears I am going to wrinkle are pretty much covered up now.

2.  While I do not wrinkle, (yet) I use the anti wrinkle cream to prevent wrinkles.  I’m a freak when it comes to my skin, and I figure that wrinkle prevention is much better than not applying anything to my expression lines.

3.  The Elite Serum needs no introduction, and I don’t leave home without it.  I can vouch for it’s ability to reduce dark circles and puffiness pretty much within weeks of using it.  It’s also therapeutic, so using it daily is great for the long term.

I gave the cellulite cream to a friend of mine who has battled orange peel for quite some time. I’m hoping she can report back to me soon so I can get her feedback.

Overall, I have to say I was impressed with the EliteSkin products I was sent.  Made right here in Miami, too!