Elite Serum Review

Elite Serum is an anti aging eye cream that’s made right here in South Florida.  Since beauty products in Miami are in so much demand, it’s worth giving a review of this critically acclaimed eye serum made right here in South Florida’s skin belt.

Made by Skin Pro, makers of fine skin products, the Elite Serum brings a never-seen-before formula combining cosmeceuticals and natural skin care ingredients.  This product defines luxury and innovation, and is quick to wipe out eye bags, puffiness, and even those nasty eye wrinkles.  On the outside looking in, this eye serum has every major cosmeceutical (high tech) ingredient one could look for.  It starts off with ingredients that fight the nasty signs of aging around the eyes, such as Eyeliss, Argireline, and Haloxyl.  Each have a different property which allows them to fight different signs of aging.  For example, Haloxyl has been widely known as the best ingredient to treat dark circles and discoloration, while Argireline, (INCI “aceytyl hexapeptide 3) is known by many skin care experts as the best needle-free alternative to Botox.

If that is not impressive enough, try adding in some of the most amazing antioxidant solutions like resveratrol and the acclaimed acai berry, which fight free radicals and work to force cell rejuvenation.  On the outside, this product has a premier ingredient formula that is not only proprietary, but also among the most advanced on the market.  Never before has such a mix been formulated by a company, large or small.  This was made right here in Miami, and it’s here to stay.  There are so many rave eye serum reviews for the Elite Serum that it’s cult following has led the company into rapid expansion with other products.

If you don’t believe the hype, I suggest you visit the official site of EliteSerum and check out the product for yourself.  While I am a believer, you will be too after 30 days of twice per day application.  The serum glides on smooth, leaves no residue, and it’s natural ingredients combined with the ease of using an airless pump make application a cinch.

For my money, there is no better eye product on the market that can help you look younger than the Elite Serum. If you take a long look around the web, and on places like ReviewBank.com, you’ll see people feel this is a highly innovative product.

Miami is certainly a hotbed for skin & beauty products, and it’s pretty cool to see a product such as Elite Serum gain such traction on a global scale.