Electronic Cigarettes Grow, Local Miami Man Considered “Expert”

If you haven’t heard of electronic cigarette smoking, you should join the 21st century!  Perhaps the best smoking cessation device, although not by design, is growing my leaps and bounds, and a local man is at the forefront of the revolution.

His name is Andy Gray, and his quotes, views, and comments have been featured in many mainstream media publications, including Yahoo! finance, Sign on San Diegon, the LA Contra Costa Times, and many, many more.

Gray has successfully quit smoking with the devices dating back to 2009.  He credits another local company, called Green Smoke, for helping him go over the edge and cease from smoking “analogs” with the help of these vaporized versions of the tobacco products that kill over 400,000 people in the USA each year.  Over 10 million people die globally from tobacco smoking products – a staggering statistic.

“Increasing awareness and helping the earth become a better place to roam was my main goal – not to become an ‘expert’ or anything like that,” said Gray when reached for comment.  “Now all of a sudden I’m being interviewed by all sorts of people and asked daily which brands are best for all types of smokers, it’s quite flattering.”  Grays website is among the best product review sites because it’s user-driven and unedited – something not always found in the world of affiliate marketing.

Many websites are set up to sell products, according to Gray.  “My site is starting to make revenues by selling banner ads and sponsored posts but I rank products based on experience, not on revenues,” he said.

Electronic cigarettes use vapor technology to heat an element in an atomized cartridge that screws into a battery, creating vapor which when puffed on, emits a cloud of smoke.  People can watch the smoke, which lingers only 2-3 seconds, vanish before their eyes and disappear.  The cloud of smoke does not emit any odor, nor does it create any lingering second hand smoke.

Many people have successfully made the switch to electronic cigarettes.  As many Miami bars are serving food, cigarettes are not allowed and it’s becoming a pain for people to go outside and smoke cigarettes.  Gray adds “the convenience factor is great.”

You can help Andy increase e-cigarette awareness here.