Electronic Cigarettes are all the Buzz

by Terry Bender

Being a life-long smoker, I’ve always been dependent on a little nicotine fix.  Smoking is a disgusting, terrible habit, but I feel like I’ve finally found a solution that will end up being a great way for me to continue to get a small fix as well as help the environment, not to mention my well-being.

Electronic cigarettes have hit the market with a bang, and after doubting them for a while, I’m now a seasoned customer of these things that most people call “smokeless cigarettes, or e-cigs.”

starter_kit4-150x150My favorite type of electronic cigarette is called Green Smoke.  Green Smoke offers an easy to use, two-piece system.  There are many three piece e-cigs, but this is not the case with Green Smoke.  I personally have smoked about all of the different e-cigarette brands, and I have found that Green Smoke’s two-piece system is much more efficient than the rest.  I’d argue this is the best electronic cigarette on the market right now.

Of course, there are several other e-cigarette brands, and I’ve had the pleasure of trying many of them.  You see, I enjoy the electronic cigarettes because they are 100% legal to smoke in the mall, airports, restaurants, and more.

There is one brand called the Blu Electronic cigarette, it’s a unique concept because when you take a puff from it, the tip lights up all blue colored.  This is very cool because the other e-cigs light up orange or red, and this can make it appear you are smoking a traditional cigarette.  The Blu E-cig changes everything with this innovation.

The really cool thing about this e-cig is that there are many flavors.  Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla and Cherry Crush are all flavors of e-cigarettes offered by Blu.  My experience with Blu showed me that a lot of my friends that don’t smoke, mind you, enjoyed this e-cigarette quite a bit.

Between Green Smoke and Blu, if I had to pick one to reccomend, I’d have to say Blu, just because it’s an easier price point to swallow for a first time e-cig smoker.  There are certainly many reasons to switch to e-cigs, number one being the amount of money you can save by switching to electronic cigs, but if you are looking for more solid information, I found a great electronic cigarette review website you can peruse.


As I continue to smoke e-cigs, I’ll be reporting back on different brands.  I’ve seen that the Smoking Everywhere brand is quite popular in malls such as Pembroke Pines, Dolphin Mall, and others.  I’ll go ahead and try that brand and let everyone know how my experience was.