Electronic Cigarette Reviews: Local Companies Win

If you haven’t heard about a sensational new product that is sweeping not only South Beach, but the nation in general, take a look at some of our past news stories about electronic cigarettes.  Then, look around the web and read some of the electronic cigarette reviews out there, and you’ll find a trend:  South Florida companies are dominating this industry.

There are two companies in particular that trend very well, Green Smoke and V2 Cigs.  Located in the Dade County, these companies are leading a growing industry through innovation and adapting to the smoking bans in effect that are really steering people towards smokeless products like e cigarettes.   Smokeless cigarette devices, such as personal vaporizers, (another name for the electronic cigarette, see:  electric cigarette, e cigarette, vapor cigarette, steam cigarette as well) are growing at a rapid rate, and South Florida is chipping in a major way.

Local companies are not the only ones benefiting from the press, as South Florida resident Andy Gray has become a national figure with his popular electronic cigarette review blog.  Quoted in many media publications, he has become the resident expert on the topic, and has covered the industry with his newsworthy, consumers first blog dating back to 2009. That makes him a virtual dinosaur in the e cig niche, and it’s been a fun ride for him.

“I stopped smoking by taking a leap of faith with one of these products, and I’m here to educate others about the products,” said Gray when reached for comment.  While not marketed as a stop smoking device, it’s clear many people have officially stopped smoking and started “vaping” with these tremendous products, sold online for the most part.

“I have thousands of comments on my site, which serves as a virtual library of information for the consumer looking to find out more about these products.  That number just baffles me, and I’m proud to say I’ve changed a few lives in the process of spreading information via the world wide web.”

It’s a great thing to see so many local companies representing the area in positive light.