Dolphins Stadium Improvements – Good Idea?

by Miami Blog Staff

The Miami Dolphins are looking at turning Dolphins stadium into a new megaplex, Dallas-Cowboys-esque stadium.  The idea is being tossed around in an effort to turn the current structure into an attraction that bring more Super Bowls to South Florida in the near future.

For the latest renderings, please visit the Miami Herald, who broke the story.

The question being asked is, who is going to pay for this new structure?  A question us Miami bloggers have is “WHY?”  The stadium JUST received a huge improvement when the new club level, a $100 million investment, was erected just 3 short years ago.

however, in the story referenced in today’s Miami Herald, team CEO Mike Dee stated that the NFL considers the stadium “dated” and that means that future super bowls will be hard to come by.

Let’s see what happens with this one, with the new Marlins Stadium and all the ruckus that was created with that being built, this will certainly be a big issue with tax payers.