Dolphins Need to Secure Taylor Before Jets Do

by Terry Bender

I woke up this morning and almost puked – the New York Jets picked up wide receiver and former SUPER BOWL MVP Santonio Holmes from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They sent Pittsburgh a 5th round draft pick in return.  They may have enticed them with two packs of unopened airline peanuts as well!  Seriously, how does Pittsburgh do that to the league?  What an embarrassment.  A fifth rounder?  Seriously?

All this means is that Miami can NOT let Jason Taylor sign with New York, who moved up even higher on the expectation charts of all who follow the NFL and the AFC East.  The acquisition of LaDainian Tomlinson was significant, especially after losing running back Thomas Jones, but also adding CB Antonio Cromartie and now a serious deep threat to go opposite Braylon Edwards makes New York among the favorites to reach the Super Bowl, let aside the pesky division they compete in.

New York is making moves, and if they get to steal Jason Taylor as well, it’s basically a final kick in the nuts to the Dolphins organization.  Of course, nothing is set in stone and you never know how these new players will play as a member of the JETS, but hey, on paper, the team looks good.  No, scratch that – GREAT.  Dolphins fans, you should not be happy.

One final plea to the current regime – don’t let JT go to New York.  He’s been the face of this franchise for as long as I can remember.  Yes, he is aging, but seriously, do NOT let New York get him.  Reward the man, he’s put his butt on the line for the Fins for a while, and made plenty of DolPhans happy along the way, providing many memories.

More to come later…I just threw up again…..