Dolphins Get Hosed Vs. Pitt

The Dolphins lost in a very, very bad way on Sunday – via a technicality that was called after a reply.

Long story short, Big Ben Rothlisberger dove for the goal line in an effort to score.  The Fins Defense knocked the ball out, and a scrum ensued.  While the camera may not show this, the Dolphins came out of the hog pile with the ball.
HOWEVER……(and that is a word Fins fans will remember for a while….)…….the video replay did not show the Dolphins emerging with the ball.  Ruling on the field was that Ben scored, but the end result was a loss of downs and the ball was placed on the 1/2 yard line.  This made life difficult for the Fins, as they went down 23-22 on the ensuing field goal, and an outraged Tony Sparano let the refs know it on the sidelines.

Lots of confusion, lots of debate, but the same end result – a loss.  This would have been a monumental win for Miami, as Pitt boasts arguably the best team in the NFL right now, and has only had QB Big Ben Rothlisberger for two weeks.

Next up:  Cincinnatti Bengals.  Will Miami’s own Chad OchoCinco step up with his buddy Terrell Owens?  Or will the Fins right the ship and get a much-needed win to stay in the AFC east race?