Disney Disses North Miami Beach Mayor

by Terry Bender

First reported by the Miami Herald….

North Miami Beach Mayor Myron Rosner was treated like less than a human being while on a recent trip to Walt Disney World with his wife and four children, according to reports from the Miami Herald.

Rosner, who is disabled, uses a wheelchair to get around.  Park employees mistook it for a Segway, the two wheel stand-up device used by Mall Cops (like Paul Blart) to get around.

The rest of this post was taken from the Miami Herald….

In front of his wife and four children, park employees demanded Rosner lower himself and use four wheels, citing a Disney policy that prohibits the use of Segways, which it deems as unsafe.

“I was totally harassed by Disney World. It was a nightmare for my wife, myself and my four children,” he said. “They gave me the impression I was not welcome here.”

That’s not the case, spokeswoman Zoraya Suarez said.

Employees were simply confused, mistaking the wheelchair for a Segway.

“The guest was provided with conflicting guidance. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused,” she said.

In 2007, three disabled people filed a lawsuit against Disney for not allowing Segways at its parks. The lawsuit was recently settled out of court, but the Segway ban remains.

Unlike a Segway, which is used while standing, Rosner’s iBOT 4000 keeps the driver seated.

Rosner said Monday he plans to file lawsuits against Disney for what he called an embarrassing experience.


“He said I needed to go down on all fours, and I said . . . the only way I’m going down is if the sheriff takes me down,” Rosner said, noting his wife cried during the incident.

Ironically, Rosner said he was inspired to buy the high-tech wheelchair after seeing it on display at Epcot’s Innoventions, which exhibits products that help make human lives better.


Although Rosner’s entrance to Epcot was delayed Friday, a park manager finally let him through.

But the questioning didn’t end there.

Employees and a security guard surrounded Rosner and his family as they toured Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Sunday afternoon, when he was again told to lower the chair.


The family soon left after employees followed them around the park, Rosner said.

Rosner said he appreciated Disney’s apology, but said, “it still doesn’t make up for how they treated us.”

“It made us feel dirty, disgusted, undignified,” he said.

Miami Blog Opinion: Sue the shit out of Disney World and make them allow anyone with the slightest disability have free access for life. What a disgrace from an otherwise “family-oriented” organization.