Davone Bess, The Good Samaritan

Miami Dolphins often times make headlines for things they do off the field.  Unfortunately, they are usually things that you see in police blotter, like driving while intoxicated, assault, and other mischief.  While we never like to hear about things like that from our beloved Dolphins, they are a reality and a sign that everyone is human and nobody is subject to different rules.

Today I heard a great story involving a young Miami Dolphin, and it was about none other than the Hawaii Rainbow Warrior himself, #15, wide receiver Davone Bess.  Bess was on the phone doing a call-in for my favorite radio station, 790 The Ticket, when he abruptly ended the phone call and told the listeners he needed to call 911.  Apparently Bess had witnessed an accident among a torrential downpour in Miami and was concerned for someone’s safety.  He called back to describe the scary scene and report that everything was ok.  It’s not every day you see something like that, and we’d like to give an official Miami Blog Shout-Out to Davone Bess.  Kudos to you, Davone.

by Terry Bender

Miami Sports blogger and avid 790 the Ticket Listener