Dark Circles Plague Miami Party Crowd

by Geneva

Usually my posts are targeted to women, being I am the resident beauty blogger, but today’s topic is something that bothers both men and women.  Dark circles form under your eyes after partying all night on the Beach?  I’m sure they do, because about everyone I talk to complains about them constantly.

Here are a few tips you can use to get rid of dark circles – y0u’ll find your appearance “the morning after” will be greatly improved if you follow these tips.

1.  Drink plenty of water.  This is key!  Water serves many purposes, and keeping your eyes fresh and hydrated is one of them. Be sure to drink a minimum of two liters.  It will help stop hangovers as well!

2.  Get rest.  If you cut corners on your sleeping habits, your eyes will show this.  Get a good pattern down and try not to avoid it.

3.  Use a dark circle eye serum.  This sounds silly to some men, but it works.  These products are clinically proven to stop dark circles dead in their tracks.  A simple one I like is the Wrinkle System Dark Circle Serum sold for $59.99.

4.  One free method to cure dark circles is to apply cucumber slices under each eye.  This cools and soothes the area.

Trust me, dark circles are NOT sexy.  Get rid of them and let the party roll on!