Dark Circle Treatments by Danica Jardien

by Geneva

On January 5th, I wrote about a Dark Circle Eye Serum and why it’s important for Miami Party-Goers to try to cover up those nasty skin deficiencies.  Only 9 days later, I am surfing through some of my favorite makeup artists channels and I see that she uses the exact same methods that I use!

For starters, she uses a concealer.  Then, she uses a dark circle eye serum made by Wrinkle System – I’ve written about my successes with the product in the past.

For those of you not familiar with Danica Jardien, she is a Denver-based makeup artist who has worked with Barack Obama, Tyra Banks, and Carmelo Anthony.  Danica is a respected voice who has been trained by top professionals such as Lancome and Chanel.

You can see the full video she posted on YouTube below.