Cryogenic Moisturizer – Facial Rejuvenation at 40 Degrees

Priding myself in being the best reporter in the Miami beauty scene, you know I have a virtual (no pun-intended!) stronghold on the skin care news that comes out of Miami.  A company I have interviewed in the past, EliteSkin, makers of skin care products that generally focus on anti aging creams, has released a new product that is like no other skin product released before.  The biggest difference you will notice is that the company instructs you to keep the skin cream in a cool place.  As in, your refrigerator!  Sound odd?  Well not if you want silky smooth skin.

Cryogenic Moisturizer by EliteSkin

The Cryogenic moisturizer is a mix of pure hyaluronic acid, squalane, and new sugar technology.  It’s the most advanced skin cream on the market, and it actually works better when you store it in a cool temperature.  I was able to get my hands on one of these skin creams recently as I’m a long-time customer and user of the Elite Serum, which takes care of eye wrinkles as well as puffiness.  I must say, it’s quite impressive.

You may be scratching your head and wondering where you have seen this product or heard of this brand.  Well, just recently, the company was in the “Best of Miami” edition of the Miami New Times, as well as being advertised all across town.  With South Florida such an engaging skin care market, it’s an easy play to pitch the product to the crowd of sun-kissed South Florida residents, who are always up for a little skin rejuvenation.

In all honesty, this is one skin product I don’t want to throw away, it’s so cool, (again, no pun intended) that I just want to have that nice feeling each hour.  The cold, crisp cream not only makes me feel fantastic, but it helps wake me up, almost like one of those eye freeze packs that people use to deflate puffy eyes.

by Geneva Garibello

Miami Health & Beauty Blogger