Coral Springs Auto Mall Scam Alert: Avoid Ira Streiner Salesperson

If you are looking for a new vehicle and want to avoid some known scammers, avoid the Coral Springs Auto Mall and sales person Ira Streiner.  Ira is a decent guy in person but is useless on delivering on promises and will lie to your face.  A story was shared with Miami Blog about a person who recently bought a car on eBay from Ira Streiner and the Coral Springs Auto Mall.  Their screen name, for anyone interested in avoiding this scam, is “MrbPotts”.

Here is a story that is disheartening, but was told to us by a friend of ours.

A constant eBay user, this person shops for pretty much everything online.  He got a great deal on a new car, a convertible Mercede, at that.  Everything checked out fine and it appeared he got the car well under blue book value.  Great job, eBay buyer!  However, all hell started to break loose when he got home with the car.

Upon meeting Ira Streiner, who in his own words is “Just a low level sales guy” up at Coral Springs Auto Mall, the deal went smooth.  All paperwork was delivered and filled out, and the convertible was waiting outside to be taken home.  The top was down, “how convenient” the buyer though to himself.  That should have been red flag number one as it was an overcast day.

The buyer brought the car home and realized the convertible was not going up and down properly.  Each time it would get stuck in the middle.  Immediately calling Ira, he said “I’ll take care of it.  Bring it up here.”  So, the buyer did just that.  He dropped it off with Edgar, who was the gearhead and mechanic up there, and Edgar was speechless.  He even added “I had a hard time with this when we got it in.”  The buyer left the car there after watching Edgar struggle with it for over 30 minutes, unable to solve the issue.

Edgar said to leave the car and he would continue to look at it.  The buyer did just that.  The car was left for 6 days, and picked up under the assumption that everything was in working order.  While the top went up and down at first attempt, later that day it did not have the same luck.  Calling Ira once again, the buyer was furious.  “When you bring it in to get the brakes done, have them look at it,” said Ira, referring to a third party repair shop that he had discussed earlier.  “Fair enough,” said the buyer.

So, the buyer brought it up and the third party looked at it.  The result?  $2,400 to repair it.  Edgar had “jerry rigged” it to work short term, but what he did was not a long term solution.  “F*ck,” thought the buyer.

So, he brought this up to good old Ira, who said to bring it by again and said that Edgar did not have that problem in the past.  “Excuse me?” said the buyer…..”Ira couldn’t get it to work for 30 minutes while I personally watched him in the parking lot.”

“I don’t know what to tell you.  You gotta show Joey, the owner, and he is the only one who can authorize a repair,” said Ira.

“Fine, fair enough,” said the buyer.  However, Ira and the buyer made several appointments to have this happen, and Ira canceled these meetings on each occasion.  A scumbag move from a New York transplant and fast talking salesperson who wants to be your buddy but will settle for your wallet.  The buyer went out of town for a few days, and called Ira when he got back.  Leaving a message for Ira, he got a return phone call.

“Look I spoke with the owners, they won’t do anything for you.  They lost money on the deal and won’t do anything.  Edgar isn’t here anymore, I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is.”

Buyer:  “Okay fine.”

Ira may think he got away with this one, but the damage done to his reputation will be hurt by all the posts on Complaintsboard, RipoffReport, and other sites, as well as the BBB.  His family can read about this blatant lying and the people of the Coral Springs auto mall can know they messed up this transaction and got poor feedback on eBay in the process.

Moral of the story, avoid Ira Streiner and the Coral Springs Auto Mall if you are looking for a quality auto buying experience.

Oddly enough, we dug up a mug shot of   Ira Streiner – Click Here.