College Football Bowl Season is in Full Effect

by Terry Bender

While most people in the cold northern parts of the United States sip on egg nog and nosh on Christmas nuts, us South Floridians have the furthest thing from a “White Christmas.” But, as sports fans we participate in the same type of events – watching bowl games!  That’s right, it’s bowl season, and that means drinking and gambling take place in all areas of the world as schools line up to try to win their final game of the year.

This year, the Miami Hurricanes play “host” (I say that because the game is in Orlando) to the Wisconsin Badgers.  The Badgers are a running team, sure to give Miami problems.  But, have no fear, our trusty quarterback, Jacory Harris, will once again show the world why he was a solid Heisman candidate, and why he most likely will be in the discussion next year.

Other than the U’s game on December 29th – there are 40+ other bowl games.  Several have already kicked off and been completed, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over yet.  People live for these bowl games, and the bowl tradition goes way back in time.  I know that for me, there is nothing better than sitting back and getting a buzz on watching Fresno State play Wyoming.  (Doh!  I had Fresno to win that game….Wyoming pulled off an upset after a dubious decision to go for it on 4th and 1 in overtime failed for the favored Fresno Bulldogs.)

Enjoy bowl season everybody – no matter where you are!