Chop House Miami Restaurant Review

We took a team trip to the Miami Chop House, otherwise known as the steak house formerly known as Manny’s.  While we recognized the Manny’s brand years ago, we wondered what the steaks were like since the name changed to Chop House.  Just last week, we found out.

Chop House Miami

Chop House Miami

Situated in Miami’s downtown district, about 5 blocks south of the American Airlines Arena, Chop House is mentioned on 790 The Ticket, my radio station of choice for sports radio.  Seriously, who is better than Dan LeBetard and his classic partner who goes by “Stu Gotz.”  Rumor has it his last name is Weiner, so I’d probably grab that moniker if I were him!  Anyways, although he did have a download on their website for a savings of $25 or something like that, we didn’t want to appear cheap so we just went down and had at it.  Here is a recap of some of our favorite stuff.

For starters, the Scallop Sliders are out of this world.  Seriously, the scallops were as big as small burgers!  They were on a toasted bun and were absolutely delicious.  Never had anything like that before, and perhaps it’s a specialty there because it came highly recommended.

The Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese is to die for.  My four year old son loved it, and so did we.  Other sides we had were the broccoli, which was okay, but since everything else was so heavy and we wanted to save room for the steaks, we didn’t go heavy on sides.

The meats were excellent.  Angus cuts, cooked extremely rare to our liking, hit the spot.  They had many selections to choose from, as well as matching wine list to go with the meat.  Overall, our stay there was pleasant, and if not for a four year old tagging along we would have closed down the outdoor bar that adjoins the dining room.

Four forks way up – only thing that could have been improved was the atmosphere, it was quite dead for a Thursday night.  Attention was good, food was great, and people were very nice from the front door to the servers, runners, and bartenders.

And PS – the bar is a sight to see for your own eyes.  Many luxury bottles are stacked neatly in the indoor bar, and it’s presentation is just beautiful.  Makes me thirsty!

by Terry Bender

Who is hungry right now as he finishes that entry!