Celebs Fill Landshark Stadium

by Geneva

As I watched the Miami Dolphins game last night, I was shocked to see so many celebs.  You’d think you were at a Heat Game or something.  I mean, Fins games have never been a main attraction in Miami, but all of a sudden you have Tiger Woods on the sideline?  Weird stuff….

The new celebrity ownership is playing a big part of this.  I mean, the Williams sisters own a small piece of the Fins!  Also, Marc Anthony and J-LO own some of the Fins too.

So, will this become an A-List event?  Will the South Beach scene take a nose dive as people head up north for games, and most likely meander around the Miramar/Miami Gardens area before and after games?  Or, was this only because this was a high profile game in prime time?

The answer will play out this year, but I must say, its a change I welcome whole-heartedly.  It used to be that the Heat were the only team in town getting celebrities at the games….